No need for bulky tools holding you down. The RAPID 8 makes installing downlights easy! Just attach the RAPID connector to the cable for electrical connection and install into the cutout.
Universal Polarity Safe Technology has been built into the RAPID 8 to provide electricians with a downlight that is the most efficient of its kind to install.
The RAPID 8 ‘fangs’ make a safe connection with the cable’s conductors, engineered to slide beside each one making a secure and non-intrusive connection.

Introducing the RAPID 8 downlight from M-Elec,
designed to make the job of installation a great deal easier.

The Rapid 8 downlight is the UK’s first tool-less install 8W 3CCT downlight. It uses our patented Fang® technology housed in a connector unit to pierce the TPS flat cable and make a safe, effective connection. On average the RAPID 8 downlight can be connected safely in under 6 seconds without any tools. Safe, efficient and tool-less.

RAPID 8 Downlight and Connector with Universal Polarity safe technology makes Installing downlights tool-less and efficient
RAPID 8 Downlight and Connector

Compatible Cables

Prysmian UK Cable 2016 1.5mm
PX Cables 179/001 (dark grey) 1.5mm
PX Cables 187/001 (light grey) 1.5mm
Doncaster Electric Cable H6242Y 2X1.5+1.0

Install is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ..

  • 1

    Remove the base from the top of the RAPID Connector

  • 2

    Place the 1.5mm flat TPS cable into the base

  • 3

    Clip the top to the base and hinge the lid closed

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